How to Make Money With E-mail Marketing Campaign

 E-mail marketingEmail marketing involves the advertisement of a product, service of a brand through the use of electronic mail. This marketing strategy can be used to improve the relationship between a business and its customers with high potential of gaining new customers. To acquire the email contacts of a potential client, companies have to either pay a fee to an email broker, rely on referrals from existing clients or make use of a subscription service. Many companies make use of a combination of these methods to gain customers.

Email marketing can be more than just text. Rich media formats provide graphics that give your products or services a texture and flavor. Mail form of marketing is quite profitable because it has a low cost, it is quick and personalized. It can go viral and allows for easy tracking and testing of products. One can opt in or out at any given time. The main challenge of this marketing campaign is spamming. You might be branded as a spammer, and any reputation damage may cause you a lot of customers. Junk mails is a common problem, and this leads to delivery issues.

Types of email marketing

  1. Direct mail

Direct mail involves sending a promotional message in the form of an email. This promotion might be an announcement of a special offer or a new product. You collect a list of your customers from your site and send them the mail. Direct mail is personalized as you have the permission to contact individual customers in person. At any given time, a customer in your list may opt out voluntarily.

  1. Retention emailEmail Marketing

Retention mails take the form of regular mails known as newsletters. The newsletters carry promotional messages or advertisements and are aimed at developing a long-term impact with the user. They provide the readers with value and are more than just mere sales messages. Retention mails may be in the form of educational, inspirational of informational content such as eBooks and any other form that makes your customers wanting to read your next content.

  1. Advertising in other people’s mails

You can find some newsletters published by others and pay them to put your advertisements, instead of producing your newsletters. There are many email newsletters created just for this purpose and sell advertising space to others.

How to Make Money with Email Marketing

  1. Product promotion

E-mail marketing is the top popular online advertising way for products and services. People use mails to communicate with others, and this is where the power of this marketing strategy lies. You need to have a good number of an active email list from your site. You can also increase this list by encouraging sign ups forms in your site. You then promote products and services through sending mails to your list and get paid by advertisers.

  1. Affiliate offers

The best way to introduce relevant affiliate products is by use of mail. You have to do reviews and write informative content on your blog, and pass this information to your email list in the form of PDF. There are products that you are promoting in the mail. And just like affiliate marketing, your efforts that lead to lead generation or sales gets a commission.

  1. Get paid to send subscribers to other sites

Companies will pay you to send subscribers to their offers. You could be paid as little as $1 for any person you direct to the advertiser site and downloads a free report on that site. You can generate good money with sponsor advertisements using your mailing list.

  1. Sell your productsSell.

Apart from earning commission from affiliate programs, you can use email marketing campaign to sell your products. If you have great products to offer to your subscribers, then the best way to monetize is to send your subscribers valuable free content such as videos and reports. In this way, you will be marketing your Products for sale.

  1. Leverage your Thank You/Confirmation Mail

After a new subscriber joins your list, or customers make a purchase, they are sent to a thank you page that ask them to check their mail and confirm the subscription, for the case of new sign up. For the case of a new purchase, these customers are likely to move your brand forward because they have got the products they wanted from you. The conformation page serves as a page to convince customers to stay tuned to see what other offers you have for them.

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