How to Effectively Manage Social Media Accounts for Different Clients

Social mediaMany companies have now embraced the benefits of utilizing social media sites to engage with their customers and clients. Smart organizations know that social media is a power to reckon with. The social media channels create a direct line of communication between your company and consumers and give any person with internet access an opportunity to the latest buzz around your products or services.

Social Media Accounts Management Headache!

Social media account managers face a million balls to juggle at once. Managing your company’s social media presence is increasingly a complex task. Using direct communication effectively can help unlock many customers. Smaller businesses have much to gain from an online presence. However, the practicalities of managing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other accounts may pose a big challenge. There is the time-consuming nature of visiting each site and posting updates. The good news is that social media has grown and there are different ways one can use to manage social media.

How to Effectively Manage Social Media Accounts for Multiple Clients

1. Delegate from the Beginning

If you are involved in the management of social clients, the first thing you need is to learn how to manage these customers effectively, to ensure your success and their success. To keep all your social accounts well organized, you need leadership skills. The moment you strike a deal, the client’s account is left in the hands of the project manager. This manager will be the primary contact point and decision maker for that account. I found myself getting overwhelmed by different ways of making money online. I hardly had time to manage my Carpet cleaning business in Decatur. I simply had to delegate to a team of account managers, and you can see how it is doing great – in social media management aspect.

2. Use Management Tools

Efficient management of social media requires tools to monitor brand mention, the assurance of continuous engagement and the connection of brand advocates with the branded accounts. There are different tools and software to help you take on the complexity of the job. These social media management tools save time and you are assured of getting better results to make the best of every single social interaction. Some of the leading tools on the market include;

i. Hotsuite – media cartoon
ii. TweetDeck –
iii. Sprout Social –
iv. Visually’s Google Analytics Report –

How Management Tools Work

Social media management tools keep track of your brand mentions and ensure continued engagement with your clients and customers. Your business size and its resources will determine which social media management tool fits you best. Google alerts is another tool well suited for all sized firms, and it is free. These management tools help you in;

– The tools monitor your brand mentions
– Keeping track of engagement
– Connecting brand advocates with your brand.

Being responsible and socially accountable for dozens of social media accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers can appear overwhelming. This can be a real headache especially when you attempt to engage with every wall post, comment or re-tweet. However, with a proper delegation and use of social media management tools, you will get the job done with relative ease.

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