Top 5 Ways of Making Money From Blogging in 2016

Blog Many people are changing their lives daily with blogging, whether through personal stories, building resources for others or using their blogs to generate some extra money. Whether you want to create a website for your favorite hobbies, or for your pets, it is possible all through the use of a blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is any websites with posts that appear in chronological order. A blog is basically updated frequently and regularly with all previous posts archived. Blogging involves the act of writing a post on a blog, and bloggers do this work. Blogging is quite popular today as it allows people to interact with each other. It presents a Search Engine Optimization technique that allows Google and other search engines to crawl for new content from these blog sites.

How to start a blog

The process of starting your own blog doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive. You only need to set up your blog correctly and have a passion for your topics. Next, you will need to choose a good domain name and a blogging platform, then design you blog easily with various free or premium themes.

In brief, the steps involved in setting up a blog include;

  1. Choosing your preferred blogging platformCreate a blog today

There are hundreds of blogging platforms to choose from. These platforms include applications such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and others. The setup is super easy and mostly free.

  1. Get a domain name and choose a web hosting for your blog

You many decide that you don’t want to use the free blogging platforms. This means you have to build your site. Developing your own site means you get a domain name and a web hosting company. There are different domain sites you can get a domain from. Examples include GoDaddy and Name Cheap. For a web hosting company, options are many and include Hostgator, Bluehost, and JustHost among others.

  1. Designing your blog

This is the step where you make your blog look exactly how you want it to. You need to choose a theme and other plugins and customize them accordingly. Equally, you can hire a professional web developer to have the job done for you.

  1. Start blogging

Your online and social experience comes in at this stage. You need to choose a niche that you are well-versed with and start writing content from this niche. You need to avoid blogging mistakes and use appropriate tools to boost traffic to your site.

Ways to Make Money from Blogging

Many bloggers are finding blogging to be a profitable medium. It is easy to look at people who have risen to fame and prominence by building high-profile, money-making blogs. At first, the income may be low but with time, you may find it being a full-time job. Here, we look at the top way to monetize your blog.

  1. AdSense

When it comes to putting advertisements on your blog to generate income, the Google AdSense is a top pick for many bloggers. It is simple to set and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. With Google AdSense, you will have a broad range of advertisers to work with and the pay will depend on your traffic.

  1. Amazon Associates ProgramsOnline income

The Amazon Associates program allows one to earn a commission from the sales that your site visitors make from the merchant website, resulting from your efforts of directing them to the merchant site. The Associate program works best for those people whose blog focus on products and services related to shopping.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Programs

Apart from Amazon, there are other thousands of affiliate programs that you can use to monetize your blog. The affiliate program to use will depend with the topic of your blog and your site authority concerning traffic. For every sale or lead generated through affiliate marketing, you earn a commission.

  1. Private Sponsorship

When your blogs become more established, money begins trickling. You can start to make more money through private ad sales and sponsorship. You will need to go out finding potential advertisers and convince them to advertise with your blog at a certain fee.

  1. eBooks

Blogging involves providing people with information for free. One way to expand the information you give to your clients and customers is through making eBooks. You then place links to these eBooks at your blog at a certain fee. Every purchase made from the eBooks is credited in your account.



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